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  1. semanticscuttle blog entry alternative deutsch test anothertest dev
    Tags: , , by demo (2015-09-24)
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  2. ooo
    Tags: , , by demo (2015-08-30)
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  3. Test descreption
    Tags: , by demo (2015-08-05)
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  4. -
    Tags: by demo (2015-07-12)
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  5. Voxel rpg
    Tags: , , by demo (2015-07-05)
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  6. -
    by demo (2015-05-30)
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  7. This is a jQuery extension that take care of tables operation (sorting, searching, etc.)
    Tags: , , , by demo (2015-05-19)
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  8. test text
    author » smart man
    by demo (2015-05-03)
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  9. -
    by demo (2015-04-18)
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  10. Chamunda conjointly called Chamundi, Chamundeshwari and Charchika, could be a awful facet of Hindu deity, the Hindu Divine Mother and one in every of the seven Matrikas (mother goddesses). She is additionally one in every of the chief Yoginis, a gaggle of lxiv or lxxxi Tantrik goddesses, United Nations agency area unit attendants of the individual god Durga. The name could be a combination of Chanda and Munda, 2 monsters whom Chamunda killed. She is closely related to Kali, another fierce facet of Hindu deity. She is typically known with goddesses Anapurna, Chandi or Durga in addition. The god is usually delineate as haunting incineration grounds or fig trees. The god is idolized by ritual animal sacrifices together with offerings of wine and within the times of yore, human sacrifices were offered too. Originally a social group god, Chamunda was assimilated in Hinduism and later entered the faith pantheon too. although in Jainism, the rites of her worship embrace eater offerings, and not the meat and liquor offerings.
    Tags: by demo (2015-04-16)
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