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  1. What they don't tell you
    Tags: , by demo (2015-03-01)
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  3. author » address » street » city »【from Next Browser】
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  4. wdawdawd
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    by demo (2015-01-24)
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    by demo (2015-01-24)
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  7. Concordia University Libraries has adopted SemanticScuttle, an open source and locally-hosted PHP/MySQL application for social bookmarking, as an alternative to Delicious for managing lists of recommended resources on the library’s website. Two implementations for displaying feed content from SemanticScuttle were developed: (1) using the Google Feed API and (2) using direct SQL access to SemanticScuttle’s database.
    Tags: by demo (2015-01-22)
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  8. It’s a sad state of affairs, but increasingly common in the US, that photographers on every level — from professional to DSLR hobbyist to iPhoneographer — are prevented from shooting whatever they want, wherever they want, in the public space.

    Texas Republican Steve Stockman is trying to end photographer restrictions with HR 5893, otherwise known as the Ansel Adams Act, introduced on January 2.
    Tags: by demo (2015-01-08)
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  9. Whether they fear changing a timeworn formula that works, they’re following the herd with the latest design tactic or trying to jack up their pageviews, a fair number of sites seem to be stuck in visual hell. We asked some designers to name their dream assignment and what they would do.
    Tags: by demo (2015-01-07)
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  10. -
    Tags: , by demo (2014-12-28)
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