How to release a new version of SemanticScuttle

  1. Run unit tests and verify that all of them pass
  2. Update doc/ChangeLog
  3. Update doc/UPGRADE.txt
  4. Update version in data/templates/default/about.tpl.php, build.xml and doc/README.rst
  5. Create a release zip file via the build script: Just type "phing".
  6. Make a test installation from your zip file with a fresh database. Register a user, add bookmarks etc.
  7. When all is fine, it's time to release. The build script takes care for most of the tasks. Run "phing release", and it will upload the release to sourceforge.
  8. Create a git tag and push it
  9. Create the PEAR package and test it: Run phing package, then pear upgrade dist/pear/SemanticScuttle-0.xx.tgz
  10. Publish the PEAR package: phing deploy-sf-pear
  11. Publish the documentation: phing deploy-docs
  12. Write announcement mail to the SemanticScuttle mailing list
  13. Announce the new release in the sourceforge project news Help about the process is available in
  14. Set the default file in