SemanticScuttle Themes

SemanticScuttle may be changed visually by supplying custom "themes" (skins) that modify the visual appearance.

Changing the current theme

In data/config.php, set your theme like this:

$theme = 'darkmood';

The available themes are the folders in www/themes/. By default, SemanticScuttle ships only one usable theme ("default") and one to demonstrate how to create your own theme ("testdummy").

Creating your own theme

Have a look at the "testdummy" theme in www/themes/testdummy/.

CSS and image files

Since both file types need to be accessible via the web server directly, they are located in the www/ folder:


The main CSS file that automatically gets included is


Several template files in SemanticScuttle include image files. If they do not exist in your theme, the default ones are used automatically. Note that this is not true for images that are specified in the CSS files.

Template files

The templates of the default file are located in


You may put your theme template files into


Existing themes