Tools to use with SemanticScuttle


Scuttloid is an android client for managing your bookmarks that are stored on a Semantic Scuttle server. It allows to list/search your personal bookmarks, add and edit existing bookmarks, and share them to other applications.

Installable via f-droid. Also see the source code.

Scuttle for Android

Scuttle for Android is a client for the Scuttle bookmarking software. Enter your Scuttle login information and you will presented with a list of your bookmarks. Touching a bookmark will load that web page in the browser. Use the browser's "Share" menu option to add bookmarks to your Scuttle.

See the homepage and source code.


Announced in a blog post, the plugin for the feed reader Tiny Tiny RSS allows you to bookmark any of the articles in your own SemanticScuttle instance.

Source code and installation instructions are on the ttrss2scuttle github page.