Configuration files


SemanticScuttle uses at least two configuration files:

  1. Default configuration file config.default.php
  2. Custom configuration file config.php

The default configuration file contains sensible defaults for most users that do not need to be changed to get started.

Never change it - it will get overwritten with the next update. If you want to change values in it, copy them into your personal config.php file - updates to SemanticScuttle will not change that one.

The custom configuration file, config.php is created by copying the shipped config.php.dist file and modifying the values in there.

It consists of the configuration directives that should be set on every fresh installation.

Configuration scenarios

Simple installation

Put your configuration file in data/config.php. If you installed SemanticScuttle's PEAR package, use:

$ pear config-get data_dir

to find the data directory location and append SemanticScuttle/ to it. In this case, the configuration file has to be in:


The configuration file may also be saved into:


Multiple SemanticScuttle instances

The files of one single SemanticScuttle installation may be shared for several SemanticScuttle instances.

To be able to configure them differently, SemanticScuttle supports per-host configuration files:

  • data/config.$hostname.php
  • /etc/semanticscuttle/config.$hostname.php

Configuration options

$root URL

Normally, this configuration setting is detected automatically and will work for both HTTP and HTTPS installations.

If your installation is available on HTTP only, then you need to configure it.

The value is the full URL to your installation, including a trailing slash:

$root = "";


$root = "";

Common problems

Searching for words with slashes "/" does not work

When searching for a phrase with a slash in it, like "foo/bar", you may get a 404 error.

In that case, you need to enable AllowEncodedSlashes in your Apache virtual host configuration:

AllowEncodedSlashes NoDecode

Restart apache after changing the vhost config file. Searching will work now.